B.Sc. and M.Sc. projects

I am currently looking for motivated, ambitious, and curious students. I offer numerous BSc and MSc projects that cover a wide spectrum of subjects in geophysics, geodynamics, tectonics, earthquake physics, and numerical modeling. Current projects involve the following topics:

• Hydro-​mechanical earthquake cycle simulations

• Fluid injection to study anthropogenic energy-related activities

• Subduction dynamics across the scale: from tectonics to dynamic rupture

• Earthquake cycle simulations with nonlinear viscoelastic rheologies

• The physics of small earthquakes

• Seismic swarms and aseismic slip

I also offer projects in computational science, such as:

• Bringing solvers to extreme scale simulations in geodynamics/earthquake physics

• Develop high-performance software, based on novel methods, and use it to facilitate cutting-edge simulations

• Converting algorithms and implementation of parallel computing and shared memory libraries

Get in touch if you are interested!

luca.dalzilio [at] erdw [dot] ethz [dot] ch